Denied Workers' Compensation?

The workers' compensation system in California is designed to help compensate workers who become injured on the job while protecting employers from lawsuits. While good in theory, without adequate representation or a full knowledge of your legal rights you may not get the full benefits you are owed under the law.

Insurers and employers who provide workers' compensation insurance can deny a claim for a variety of reasons. They may claim that:

  • You do not have enough evidence that you are injured
  • You were not injured while at work
  • You were terminated prior to filing a workers' comp claim

Employers and their insurance companies continually attempt to limit benefits they must pay under workers' compensation. Like all insurers, the fewer benefits they pay out, the more money they make. This means if there is any reason to deny a claim, they will.

A Denial Is Not The End Of The Story

Regardless of the reason for which your claim was denied, you have legal rights and options to file a workers' comp appeal. At Godwin and Rubin, our experienced workers' compensation attorneys can thoroughly examine your case and the potential reasons for the denial.

Having regularly stood up for our clients against large insurers and employers, our skilled lawyers are ready to fight aggressively to get you the benefits you deserve under California law.

Conveniently located in Van Nuys, California, we represent clients throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County and surrounding areas.

Call our Van Nuys, California, law office at 747-998-0192 and schedule an initial consultation with one of the attorneys in the office.

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