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As anyone who has experienced sexual harassment on the job can tell you, it causes an immense amount of stress. Fears about what will happen, what you can do to stop it, whether anyone will believe you if you bring it up with your employer and whether you can keep your job is enough to keep anyone in a constant state of anxiety.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment, particularly the kind defined under the law as a "hostile work environment", continues to be a problem in the workforce. And medical research is continually discovering the harmful effects of prolonged stress.

That is why California workers' compensation law allows workers who are suffering from medical conditions related to their workplace harassment to obtain workers' compensation benefits.

We Help You Stand Up For Your Rights

You may not be aware of your rights regarding workers' compensation if you have been sexually harassed at work. At Godwin and Rubin, we can walk you through your rights and options and help you throughout the process. We will ensure that your interests are represented.

We are located in Van Nuys, California, and represent clients throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Have You Filed A Claim?

There are two types of claims you can make if you have been physically, psychologically or emotionally injured because of sexual harassment. If you haven't yet, you should discuss filing a civil lawsuit against your employer for allowing the hostile work environment to occur. In addition, you should speak to us about the potential for filing a workers' compensation claim.

If you have yet to file a civil lawsuit, we can point you to experienced and skilled employment law attorneys. We can also discuss whether filing a workers' compensation claim is in your best interests.

Call our Van Nuys, California, law office at (747) 203-0792 and schedule an initial consultation with one of the attorneys in the office.

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