Most frequently claimed workplace injuries

Employees in all industries in California are exposed to a variety of safety hazards unique to their occupations. However, some dangers exist across the board, and all workers are vulnerable. Workers' compensation claims show that certain workplace injuries occur more frequently, and they can happen in offices or construction sites alike.

Slips and trips often lead to falls, which in turn result in muscle strains or sprains, fractures or other injuries. Slippery, wet surfaces or out-of-place objects typically cause these accidents. Backs or soft tissues can be injured when heavy objects are lifted without the necessary care. People often realize something is too heavy after they have already lifted the object and caused damage.

Authorities say work-related vehicle accidents (anything from passenger vehicles to big rigs) are the primary causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. Electricity is also cited as the source of many workplace injuries and is not restricted to electricians but workers in all industries. Heavy equipment at construction and industrial work sites make jobs easier, but without the necessary safeguards, lockout/tag-out devices and proper training, they can be deadly.

California workers who are suffering the consequences of workplace injuries are entitled to seek financial relief. They may file claims for workers' compensation benefits with their employers' insurance providers. The benefits typically cover all medical expenses, including traveling to and from doctors, hospital fees and therapy sessions. Furthermore, the benefits might include coverage of lost wages if the injuries caused temporary disabilities. An experienced workers' compensation attorney can help with the navigation of the claims process.

Source:, "Top 5 Workers Compensation Claims," Andrew G. Rosen, Nov. 30, 2017

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