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Workers claim exposure to chemicals caused workplace illness

In 2014, approximately 100 workers in a Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) building had to relocate to another building due to exposure to trichloroethylene, a toxic chemical known as TCE. Reportedly, this chemical was used in the aircraft manufacturing process in World War II. The California Department of Toxic Substances Control says the Navy's ongoing cleanup project caused exposure. Now, some workers suspect they are suffering workplace illness due to TCE exposure, but they allege nothing is being done about it.

Workplace injuries and the aging workforce

Many California residents and others around the country often begin their retirement years around age 65, following many years on their jobs. A record number of retirees is anticipated in the nation as baby boomers reach the traditional retirement age. However, a growing group in that demographic will continue working - some because they have to and others because they choose to do so. Unfortunately, there is a risk of an increased number of workplace injuries for those in this age group.

Workers' compensation guidelines for breast cancer survivors

Hearing a diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating to any woman. Some women unfortunately learn that the cause of their cancer is related to their jobs. To compound the problem, there have been instances where these women have had difficulties receiving their rightful workers' compensation benefits. A bill was recently approved in the California State Assembly that ensures women with work-related breast cancer receive their appropriate benefits.

Number of fatal workplace injuries up for third consecutive year

Employees in California and elsewhere around the country report to their jobs each day, anticipating a workday without incident. There are government requirements regarding safety to which companies must adhere. Many entities even go above and beyond what the government requires and institute more stringent safety measures. Despite increasing safety rules and regulations, the latest national reports indicate that fatal workplace injuries have increased.

These symptoms could point to repetitive motion injury

Whether you work in an office in Van Nuys or on a construction site, you could be engaging in an activity that leads to a repetitive motion injury. For example, if you type on a computer continuously throughout the day, you could develop carpel tunnel due to the stress on your wrists. If you are constantly lifting objects off the ground or climbing in and out of machinery, you could develop a knee injury.

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