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Dealing with a fall in a California workplace

The occurrence of slips and trips in the workplace can be underestimated and seen only as minor events. However, workplace slips, trips and falls account for hundreds of deaths each year in the United States. The good news is that they can be prevented, and, in addition, the state of California has protections in place for those who have suffered a workplace injury like a fall.

Workplace illness: Is job-related depression compensable?

Most employees in California are likely aware that their employers carry workers' compensation insurance that will provide financial assistance if they should suffer workplace injuries. However, what happens when a worker contracts a workplace illness or suffers job-related depression? Psychological injuries can be debilitating, and costly long-term treatment might be required, but not all employers view it as a compensable condition.

Workplace accidents: Foundry worker loses both legs

There are numerous foundries in business in the state of California and all over the nation. A foundry is a manufacturing facility that makes metal castings. The heavy equipment and the manufacturing processes used in the operations often lend themselves to potential workplace accidents. One foundry in Alhambra faces fines for violations of health and safety guidelines after an employee's legs were amputated.

OSHA's role in reducing workplace injuries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a national organization charged with ensuring the safety of workers throughout California and the rest of the country. The agency's policies extend to around 130 million employees at over eight million places of business. A congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives from another state recently held a hearing to review OSHA's role in preventing workplace injuries as well as creating policies that protect employers and employees alike.

Workplace accidents: Man electrocuted at chemical plant

Chemical manufacturing plants in California and elsewhere around the nation are potentially hazardous work locations. There are dangerous raw materials at the work sites that are used in a variety of volatile processes. Workplace accidents can occur, despite the presence of extensive safety procedures and government regulations. Unfortunately, an employee at a chemical plant in another state recently died following an early morning incident.

What are my workers’ compensation rights during recovery?

Suffering an injury at work is always stressful, as it can lead to uncertainty about how quick the recovery will be. There are also emotional and financial impacts on you and your family. You may also doubt whether you will be given help and support by your employer while you are in the recovery process.

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