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Suffering an orthopedic injury in a California workplace

Employers in the state of California have a legal responsibility to make sure that their workplace is a safe one. This means that they should do everything that is reasonably possible in order to prevent injuries from occurring. In addition, many workplaces are legally obliged to take out a certain type of insurance that is known as workers' compensation.

Poultry processing plants have a high rate of workplace injuries

There are many food processing companies in California and other states. Workplace injuries do occur in these plants but some of the highest injury rates occur in poultry processing plants. An employee of one such plant was getting ready for work on a poultry processing line. Machinery on the line malfunctioned and resulted in an unfortunate accident.

Wildfires pose a threat of workplace illness

Summer in Southern California means wildfire season. While the fires are very dangerous to the trees and structures in the immediate vicinity of the fire, there are also dangers from the smoke that can affect the air quality in surrounding areas. Cal/OSHA advises that special precautions must be taken by employers whose workers may be exposed to these dangers. These measures are to help prevent workplace illness that may result from exposure to smoke from wildfires.

Prevention of housekeepers' workplace injuries now in effect

Workers in the hospitality industry in California who work as housekeepers in hotels and other accommodation facilities now have an extra layer of protection that was absent before. Because of the excessive number of victims of workplace injuries in this industry, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health revised regulations for injury prevention. The updated rules became effective on July 1.

Deaths from workplace accidents are on the rise

Workers involved in construction, mining, manufacturing and other high risk occupations have the right to expect that there are adequate safety measures in place to help protect the workers from accidental injury or death in California. However, recent statistics show that the number of fatal workplace accidents has been on the rise in recent years. This reversed a long term trend of a decrease in accidental deaths in the workplace.

What happens when your workers' compensation claims gets denied?

Every day in California, workers get hurt while they are on the job. Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, in any industry. Age, experience and physical ability often don't factor into workplace injuries. While there are things that you and your employer can do to limit your risk, there is no way to completely eliminate the potential for a workplace injury. Even spilled coffee could mean a sudden and unexpected injury via a slip-and-fall.

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