Poultry processing plants have a high rate of workplace injuries

There are many food processing companies in California and other states. Workplace injuries do occur in these plants but some of the highest injury rates occur in poultry processing plants. An employee of one such plant was getting ready for work on a poultry processing line. Machinery on the line malfunctioned and resulted in an unfortunate accident.

The employee, a woman, stumbled when a stand moved and her finger was pinched in the machinery. The result was an amputation of her finger. There were similar incidents at other plants in recent years. According to a Government Accountability Report (GAO), the industry of meat and poultry processing had the eighth-highest number of injury incidents of all industries in 2015.

Reasons cited for the high number of injuries, some of which go unreported, focus on the speed of the line in order to increase production and meet demand. While companies do require employees to wear safety gear, accidents are still frequent. Fast moving lines, slippery floors and sharp knives are all in close proximity to workers. In addition, consistent safety training is not always available.

A person in California who has been the victim of workplace injuries may have questions regarding his or her rights where workers' compensation rules are concerned. A person in such a position may benefit from a confidential conversation with a workers' compensation attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can inform the client of one's rights under the law and offer advise on what may be the best legal path to follow.

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