Suffering an orthopedic injury in a California workplace

Employers in the state of California have a legal responsibility to make sure that their workplace is a safe one. This means that they should do everything that is reasonably possible in order to prevent injuries from occurring. In addition, many workplaces are legally obliged to take out a certain type of insurance that is known as workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation is a type of insurance coverage that helps employees who have been injured and suffered damages while carrying out work-related activities. Workers can potentially recover the out-of-pocket costs that they have faced since becoming injured.

Orthopedic injuries in the workplace

Orthopedic injuries at work often occur when an employee has engaged in repetitive activities, resulting in a chronic overuse of certain muscles and tendons. While many orthopedic injuries are not serious, and may result in only minor discomfort, many do need to be treated and may require immediate or even emergency care. Orthopedic care specialists recognize three main types of orthopedic injuries: acute, chronic recurring and chronic overuse. These categories help doctors to define the best course of treatment going forward.

It is likely that sufferers of orthopedic injuries will need to take time off work, and, as a result, they will likely lose wages. In addition, it is possible that they will incur medical bills due to treatment. As long as the employee follows the California workers' compensation regulations, they should be able to recoup a large portion of these damages through workers' compensation insurance.

What are the California workers' compensation deadlines?

When you have suffered an injury at work in California, it is vital that you give written notice to your employer within 30 days of the injury taking place. If you do not adhere to this regulation, you may not be entitled to workers' compensation. Once you have handed in written notice, your employer must provide you with a claim form for workers' compensation within one day.

The workers' compensation that you receive in California could help with initial medical care, lost wages, and can provide ongoing disability payments. It is important that you do not hesitate to stand up for your rights to financial assistance after an injury at work.

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