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Adequate safety procedures may prevent workplace injuries

Construction work poses many risks and is considered dangerous work in California. With adequate safety training, appropriate safety gear and safety procedures, many workplace injuries are preventable. Failure to adhere to safety regulations can result in tragedy. Such a failure may have contributed to the tragic death of a California construction worker.

Repetitive motion injuries can seriously impact your career

Getting hurt on the job has a number of consequences. The first, obviously, is the physical difficulty that comes with an injury. You may require medical Intervention, which can prove to be quite expensive. One thing people don't often consider initially when dealing with a workplace injury is how it can affect their career.

Unprecedented wildfires can cause workplace illness

California is no stranger to wildfires but the state is experiencing fires that are unprecedented in size and scope. The destruction that has been caused to date is possibly the worst in the state's history. The smoke in many areas is extremely heavy and has the potential to cause health problems including possible workplace illness.

Workplace accidents again put Tesla in the spotlight

Tesla has been the subject of many questions regarding accurate reporting of employee injuries. The question has cropped up again as reports of possibly artificially low numbers are being reported by Tesla's on-site health clinic. The possibility of workplace accidents being under-reported came to light in a recent article about Tesla's in-house clinic in Fremont, California.

Safety awareness and training reduce risk of workplace injuries

Construction is big business in California. Whether residential or commercial, recent improvements to economic growth indicators have boosted investor confidence and this has resulted in a boom for construction. Firms are making use of apprentice programs in an attempt to keep pace with demand. While apprentices are expected to learn while on the job, it is also expected that they receive training to make them aware of all safety regulations and safety procedures that may apply. When employers fail to take the time to ensure their employees are familiar with safety regulations and policies, this can lead to unnecessary workplace injuries.

Workplace accidents due to a lack of proper safety training

Construction workers in California face numerous risks on the job on a daily basis. Safety training and safety precautions are both used to attempt to limit the chance of an accident. If safety training is absent or inadequate, workplace accidents can be the unfortunate result.

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