Utility workers not immune from workplace accidents

Utility workers in California strive every day to maintain the power grid that provides power to people in the state. The troubleshooters in particular face dangers every day in responding to problems with transformers, power lines and other components of the system. Dealing with such dangers can result in workplace accidents.

A lineman was injured while working on a faulty transformer. The worker, a first responder in the event of electrical problems, was working on a faulty transformer. The failed transformer had cut power for over 400 customers in the Santa Clara Valley area. The lineman was working from the bucket of a cherry picker when the transformer reportedly exploded, causing a fire that involved the power pole, the cherry picker truck and another vehicle.

The man who was injured in the fire is being treated at Santa Clara Valley Hospital. The accident is under investigation by California Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA). The investigation will strive to determine the cause of the accident and determine if any workplace safety violations contributed to the accident.

People who work in the utility industry in California put their lives on the line to maintain the power grid. Safety measures and extensive training contribute to their safety. In spite of one's best efforts, accidents can still happen. If a person is injured in workplace accidents in California, it could behoove him or her to consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure that the person is aware of his or her rights under the law. A knowledgeable lawyer can review the facts of an accident and advise the client as to what legal options are available.

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