Have a plan to reduce falls and other workplace injuries

In the California construction business and elsewhere around the country, statistics show that the leading cause of death and disability in the industry are falls. Many of these falls are from roofs, ladders or scaffolds and could be prevented. Safety experts have initiated a campaign to prevent and reduce workplace injuries from falls.

The nation's Occupational Safety and Health Administration program called Plan, Provide, Train is designed to educate employees and employers in the construction industry. Plans must be made to create a safe work environment where potentially hazardous conditions exist. Specific plans are needed when work is done at a height, such as securing appropriate ladders, scaffolding, harnesses and guardrails.

The proper tools must also be provided for a job to protect against falls. Protective equipment such as personal fall arrest systems should be available to those employees working at high elevations. Systems must be developed to safely deliver materials and tools to the necessary height.

Finally, training on all procedures and proper use of safety equipment is critical in minimizing risk of falls. Processes should be put in place to maintain and inspect all equipment. OSHA recommends that business owners and management model appropriate safety behavior and lead by example.

Falls and other workplace injuries can occur even when comprehensive programs like Plan, Provide, Train are in place. When someone is injured on the job, it would be beneficial to contact a California workers' compensation attorney. An experienced lawyer can help clients with the claims process and ensure that they receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

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