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Workers' compensation: Claims process not always simple

California business owners must carry insurance to cover on-the-job injuries of employees. Even those who have a single employee must have workers' compensation insurance or private insurance for that purpose. While the medical expenses and lost wages of any work-related injury are compensable, there are circumstances under which injured workers may have questions about alternative options for recovery of damages.

Most workplace accidents and fatalities caused by these jobs

Most employees in California and throughout the country go to their jobs each day with the expectation of a safe working environment. Great strides have been made in the nation since 1970, when the Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed. Before the law was enacted, workplace accidents claimed the lives of 14,000 workers in a year. In the most recent reports, this number has decreased to just over 5,000 deaths annually. While the improvement are substantial, there are several jobs that continue to be dangerous.

Concussions are the workplace injuries with most days off work

Workers who are seriously injured on the job will often experience a period of disability when they cannot work and will remain under intensive medical care and treatment. Of course, for all workplace injuries, that period of being out of work is covered by wage payments and other benefits under the workers' compensation system pursuant to California law. The attribution of fault to who caused the accident is irrelevant and usually of no concern in a workers' compensation claim.

Workplace accidents: 2 dead following grain elevator tragedy

A grain elevator is a facility used to store grain in various locations in California and in other states around the country. Large amounts of grain are often moved from one level to the other in the elevator. Workers in these facilities do a variety of jobs, such as loading the elevator or testing the grain. In spite of strict safety guidelines for the industry, workplace accidents still occur. Unfortunately, two people died after being trapped in a grain elevator at a facility in another state.

Sudden workplace injuries may lead to sudden financial issues

Most California workers are likely lucky enough to finish out the workday without anything out of the ordinary occurring. Unfortunately, other individuals may not be so lucky and could possibly have been involved in a serious accident on the job. These incidents could lead to workplace injuries, and one or more people could end up struggling to recover from their injuries and deal with the financial impacts that result.

Public records key to obtaining information on workplace injuries

Public records are maintained in California and around the nation at both the state and federal level. Watchdog groups frequently maintain that the records are critical in ensuring that business and government entities are held accountable in their actions. Recently, an investigation of public records in another state of various workplace injuries underscored the importance of having access to this information.

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