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Construction sites a risk for workplace accidents
By admin October 23, 2018

Construction sites a risk for workplace accidents

On behalf of Godwin and Rubin posted in Workplace Accidents on Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

Construction work by its very nature is a risky occupation in California. Increased safety awareness can help protect workers in a construction environment. Even with precautions and safety procedures in place, workplace accidents can still occur on construction sites. One such accident occurred near Fremont.

Three construction workers were injured when a 1,000 pound rebar tower fell on them. The workers were in the process of wrapping the rebar when the tower fell. The accident happened about 9 a.m. This is the second reported injury accident involving this construction site that has been reported in the past four months. The construction site is in the vicinity of Durham and Sabercat Roads on Interstate 680.

The three people were each transported to an area hospital for treatment of their injuries. Two of the injured were transported by ambulance to the Valley Medical trauma center in Santa Clara. The other worker was transported to an undisclosed area hospital. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is investigating the cause of the accident and whether any safety violations could have contributed to the incident. A spokesman for Cal/OSHA said the investigation could take several months.

While construction work is risky, workers still have a right to feel reasonably safe while working on a construction site. A person who has suffered an injury due to workplace accidents and has questions regarding one’s workers’ compensation rights may wish to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. A lawyer can review the circumstances of the accident and give advice to the client regarding what options are available to one under California law.

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    At Godwin & Rubin, we will stand up for you and get you the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.
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