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Workplace accidents: Amputee files lawsuit after incident
By admin November 8, 2017

Workplace accidents: Amputee files lawsuit after incident

On behalf of Godwin and Rubin posted in Workplace Accidents on Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

Losing all or part of a limb is a catastrophic event for a California resident or anyone else in the country. The pain, both physical and psychological, would understandably be significant to an individual. Individuals have lost limbs as a result of illnesses and car, motorcycle or workplace accidents. Regardless of how the loss occurred, a person would have to deal with the loss of a limb for the rest of his or her life. A man in another state filed a lawsuit following an accident on the job that caused him to lose both of his lower arms.

The lawsuit states that the man was employed by Hillshire Brands, a national food company, as a sanitation employee in Feb. 2015. His job duties included cleaning blenders and other types of meat-processing machinery used by the company. According to court documents, the man was in the process of cleaning a blender when it apparently started with no warning. When the machine started running, it trapped the man for a period of time.

As a result of the accident, the man’s arms had to be amputated below his elbows. He is seeking damages for pain and suffering, and loss of employment for life in the lawsuit. Also included in the claim are medical expenses, disability and incapacity. The machine’s computer control system has been re-engineered by the employer following the incident.

California employees have a right to expect a safe working environment. However, even with the best safety training and procedures in place, workplace accidents can still occur. When someone has experienced an injury on the job, it would be wise to contact a workers’ compensation attorney for assistance. A knowledgeable lawyer will work with each client to ensure that one receives all the benefits to which he or she is entitled.

Source: claimsjournal.com, “Missouri Man Sues After Workplace Accident Leads to Amputation,” Oct. 23, 2017

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