What happens when your workers' compensation claims gets denied?

Every day in California, workers get hurt while they are on the job. Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, in any industry. Age, experience and physical ability often don't factor into workplace injuries. While there are things that you and your employer can do to limit your risk, there is no way to completely eliminate the potential for a workplace injury. Even spilled coffee could mean a sudden and unexpected injury via a slip-and-fall.

After getting hurt, you should always report the accident right away to your employer. If there are medical facilities at your work, you can seek immediate medical evaluation. Many people have to leave their place of employment, seeking medical care at a hospital or urgent care facility nearby. Once a doctor has substantiated your injuries, you are able to file a claim for workers' compensation.

In many cases, these claims move forward without any complications. Sometimes, however, instead of getting the benefits you need, you receive notification of the denial of your claim. When this happens, you will need to take quick action or potentially lose out on benefits you actually deserve.

Paperwork errors can cause big problems

Although workers' compensation applies to almost everyone, the paperwork can confuse a lot of people. There are bureaucratic processes in place to limit potential cases of fraud. Those processes, however, can create a headache and the potential for denial for people who legitimately need coverage.

Believe it or not, minor mistakes related to the initial application can make all the difference to the approval of your claim. When you receive notice of your denial, be sure to carefully check the original application. Errors and omissions are a common source of frustrating rejections. Taking great care when filling out the paperwork and securing information from your doctor can help your appeal.

You have the right to appeal a claim denial

The state of California has specific procedures in place to help ensure that injured workers receive the benefits they need. As an injured worker, you have rights. Those include the right to appeal an initial denial of workers' compensation benefits. After the denial of your initial claim, you will have the option of appealing that denial.

Be certain that you familiarize yourself with all necessary paperwork and procedures, as failing in your appeal will mean that you have to begin the application over from the beginning or that you completely miss out on coverage you need.

Whether your claim denial is related to an issue with medical documentation or a discrepancy between your account of events and your employer's records, it is possible to still connect with the benefits of you need. Do not let a denial keep you from seeking the benefits that can offset the cost associated with your injury.

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